Strategy and Capital Solutions for ​Emerging Businesses.




One of the core challenges entrepreneurs face is finding their voice in the context of public corporate communications.  Corporate communications are highly strategic.  The company that masters this realm has a significant competitive advantage, while companies less skilled in the communications arena add significant risk to their business.  Never has this been more true than in today's social media centered world, where communication faces an unprecedented multiplier effect.

Orchid Spike works with its clients on both strategic and tactical communication issues.  We have assisted our clients in creating press releases, preparing for media interviews or public talks, structuring Facebook, Twitter, and other social media campaigns, and preparing presentations for investors.  We always believe that the voice of the entrepreneur must come through clearly and authentically, but within a structure that sets the message up for successful delivery.


A unique vision is not enough to succeed in today's hyper-competitive marketplace.  Going to battle without a clear notion of how you are going to win and what threats you will face is almost always a losing proposition.  Yet many entrepreneurs do just that.  Still more are quick to consider external strategy issues, but haven't thought about corporate structure and internal strategy.

Orchid Spike works with clients on issues such as:

  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Creation of sustainable barriers to entry
  • Strategies for beating well-capitalized competitors
  • Ownership and stock structure
  • Risk mitigation
  • Term sheet negotiation and deal structure

Universally, we have found that when companies consider these issues from the beginning, they are in a much stronger place when they come to the capital markets.


Orchid Spike offers its clients a suite of supplemental services through our vetted network of lawyers, bankers, accountants, and other professionals.  We are aware that our clients are cost-sensitive, but that they require the utmost integrity and quality in those who provide them with the professional services they need to transform their vision into a reality.


Orchid Spike clients have enjoyed a phenomenal success rate in getting funded.  In addition to acting as principal investors, we advise on pitch-deck construction, high-value target investors, capital raise size, structure, valuation, and presentation skills.  Investors in our network trust companies that have worked with Orchid Spike, because the entrepreneurs have shown themselves to be better equipped to win in the marketplace.  We have assisted in raising rounds of funding between $500k and $50mm.  While ultimately the burden and the credit all fall to the entrepreneur, it's powerful to know that someone experienced is at your back, providing insights that give you a crucial edge in the early capital markets.